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About Cookies

What are cookies:

A cookie is a sequence of letters and numbers that track your activities on the web, and remembers them. The cookies serve website servers and allow them to identify the users visiting the website, and collect relevant information relating to the user while they are visiting the website, and at times, their future visits. 

Cookies were first used in 1994 to allow the use of a 'Shopping Cart', a virtual component in-to which users can collect items they wish to purchase on an eCommerce website. This component allows users to navigate the website freely while always having the option to add or remove items from their shopping cart.

Another common use of cookies is the option to connect to a member's account on a website. The cookies allow the server to find out whether the user has previously registered to the website, and thus, automatically allow them access to operations or services only given to registered users.

More features obtained by cookies on this website include data loading acceleration, creating a 'Wish List', and even not displaying the cookie banner to users who previously clicked the button stating 'Got It'.

How to prevent the use of cookies:

If you prefer blocking Cookie files while surfing the web, you have the option to change your browser settings, in a manner that will require you to approve the use of cookies every time, or alternatively, block them entirely. If you don't know how to do this, you have an option to learn about the process in your browser's help tab.
Please note, blocking the cookie files might hinder your use of our website.

Read our Privacy Policy.

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